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Studio Information​

  • Private lessons, typically 30 minutes once a week.

  • Group class, 45 minutes once or more a month, for 3 or more students, September - June.

  • My studio is in my own home.  It is in my finished basement, separate from my family’s living areas.  When you come for lessons, please enter through the front door and then proceed down the stairs to the lower level. 

  • A portion or all of some lessons may be held in my living room on the first floor of my home in order for me to be able to provide piano accompaniment. 

  • Please park on the street in front of my house, past the driveway.  Please try not to block access during the day to my mailbox before the driveway for the mail carrier vehicle.    

  • My studio and home are low fragrance/odor due to family allergies – please avoid wearing strong scented perfumes or fragrances when attending lessons and group. 

  • I offer a lending library consisting of Suzuki Method related books and CDs, as well as other orchestral CDs and parenting books.  Please sign out any materials that you borrow on the clipboard and return them in a timely manner. 

  • I am a member of Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) and the Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association (GPSA).  I will share information with you about upcoming events and workshops as I become aware of them.  I recommend attending at least one Suzuki Institute, workshop, or event every year in addition to our Studio events.  Suzuki Summer Institute information can be found on the SAA website.

Tentative list of participation opportunities (most have a monetary cost for participation, with the exception being Studio events):

  • Fall GPSA Play-In – one weekend afternoon in September or October, typically held at a location in Philadelphia, PA

  • Annual Studio Winter/Holiday performance – held in December or January near Columbus, NJ

  • Spring 1-Day workshop opportunities

    • Delaware Suzuki Day – typically held on a Saturday in March

    • North Jersey Suzuki Festival – typically held on a Saturday in April

    • GPSA Enrichment Day – typically held on a Saturday in April every other year, near Allentown, PA

  • Annual Studio Recital – held in May or June near Columbus, NJ

  • NJ Suzuki Workshop – typically held near the beginning of July on a Saturday & Sunday at the Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, NJ

  • Week-Long Summer Institutes – held throughout the summer in various locations around the US.  Check the website listed above for information.

Please see the Events page for more detailed information about upcoming events.  


  • Families should commit to daily instrument practice at home – typically the same length of time as the lesson.  Initially, practice time may only be 10 minutes a day.  The length of time for daily practice will increase (to the lesson length) as the child progresses in lessons.  Children who practice with purpose even a short amount of time daily, rather than a longer amount of time less frequently, typically make more progress. 

  • Students should listen to at least 1 hour of Suzuki recordings daily.  This may include passive listening (background music) and/or active listening (as assigned during lessons).  

  • Students should follow the practice routine set forth in lessons.  A practice chart can be very helpful and we can set one up together.  

  • Parents should expect to attend all lessons, take notes, and use the notes to support practice at home.

  • Parents are the "home teacher" - parents should expect to have an active role during daily practice time at home.  For beginners, parents will have much of the responsibility for home practice time.  As students progress, responsibility shifts to the student.  For advanced students, most of the practice responsibility falls on the student with the parent supporting their child as needed.  

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time and/or group class.  Students should be ready to begin at their lesson time (violin and bow out of case, clean hands, already used the restroom, snack/drink before lesson, etc.) . 

  • Students are expected to attend all group classes and Studio events.  Parents should also attend group class and events.  

  • ​Students must attend at least 3 weekly lessons and 1 group class each month consistently in order to be able to make steady progress. 

Parent Education

  • Parent Education is required before a new beginner student starts lessons.  

  • Parent Education rate includes 4 meetings.  The primary practice parent should attend the parent education meetings.  During parent education, parents can expect to learn more about the background of the Suzuki method, parts and care of the violin, and a basic understanding of how to play the violin.  It is extremely beneficial for the parent to have access to a full size violin to use during parent education meetings and for daily home practice.  


  • I strongly encourage all prospective parents and students to come and observe at least one lesson and one group class before beginning lessons.  

  • Please contact Mary to set up a time for an observation.  

Studio Information & Expectations: Welcome
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