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“It is in our power to educate all the children of the world to become a little better as people, a little happier.”
- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

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Early Beginners

Ages 3-5

Small group and/or individual lessons tailored to your child focused on developing a musical foundation and a well-rounded child.

girl playing violin

Private Lessons

Ages 4+

Private lessons are offered weekly for students ages 4 and up. Parents attend lessons with their child in order to be an active participant in their child's learning. As the 'home teacher', the parent has many roles including taking notes, learning violin basics, assisting with daily practice, and providing encouragement and a positive environment to help their child make steady progress. Students need to attend at least 3 lessons a month and plan to practice daily in order to make consistent progress.


Group Class

Mixed Age Classes

Group classes are offered at least once a month and provide a social opportunity for students to grow and develop together. Attendance at group class is required for students in addition to weekly private lessons. There is no additional fee for group class - it is already included in the private lesson rates. Group classes are typically mixed ages and abilities. Parents are requested to attend all group classes with their child.

Lessons: My Lessons
The Imaginary Orchestra

Parent Education

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished" - Shinichi Suzuki

Parent education is an important aspect of the Suzuki method. Parents new to Suzuki are required to meet with Mary for at least 4 lessons prior to their child's first lesson. During parent education, parents will gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy and background of the Suzuki method, learn about violin parts and care, basic violin posture and technique, discuss home practice strategies, and learn more about studio expectations and policies. Mary also provides opportunities for ongoing parent education.

Violin Players

Performance Opportunities

"Play with heart. Play with living soul." - Shinichi Suzuki

All students will have at least 2 studio performance opportunities throughout the year, including a winter/holiday concert and a spring/summer recital.  Participation is encouraged in various events hosted by the GPSA (Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association) and the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas).
Visit the Events page for a list of upcoming events.

Musical Note


"Man is the Son of his environment." - Shinichi Suzuki

Listening to the Suzuki repertoire is another vital aspect of the Suzuki method. Dr. Suzuki's method of is based on the language acquisition theory, or 'mother-tongue' approach.

Lessons: My Lessons
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